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41 WordPress Mastery Training Video Tutorials Series

WordPress is the best platform for any website. The proof is that over 74 Million websites out there are depending on WordPress. WordPress powers 27% of the internet!

These WordPress Mastery Training Video tutorials series TEACH you all you ever need to KNOW about using the WordPress software. You will NEVER pay for website design again.

Video 1: How To Install A WordPress Software

Video 2: How To Change A Theme In WordPress Website

Video 3: How To Install A WordPress Plugin

Video 4: How To Add A Page In WordPress Site

Video 5: How To Create A Home Page In WordPress Website

Video 6: How To Add A Post To WordPress Site

Video 7: How To Change Text Font And Size In WordPress Site

Video 8: How To Add A Link In WordPress

Video 9: How To Add A Video Wordpress Site

Video 10: How To Add An Image In WordPress

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Here is the list of all WordPress Training Video Tutorials in the course.

  1. How To Install a WordPress Software
  2. How To Change a Theme in WordPress Website
  3. How To Install a WordPress Plugin
  4. How To Add a Page in WordPress Site
  5. How To Create a Home Page in WordPress Website
  6. How To Add a Post to WordPress Site
  7. How To Change Text font and size in WordPress Site
  8. How To Add A Link in WordPress
  9. How To Add A Video Wordpress Site
  10. How To Add An Image in Wordpress
  11. How To Add Media (Files) in Wordpress
  12. How To Make A Download Link In WordPress Site
  13. How To Make A Download Page in Wordpress Site
  14. How To Make A Support Desk
  15. How To Secure A Download Page in Wordpress
  16. How To Password Protect a Page in Wordpress Site
  17. How To Moderate Comments On Your WordPress Site
  18. How To Disable Comments
  19. How To Set Up Spam Protection
  20. How To Make a Redirect
  21. How To Add Header/Footer scripts
  22. How To Add Line Breaks
  23. How To Make A Contact Page
  24. How To Make A Zip File
  25. How To Display Content on Multiple Pages
  26. How To Make An Email Link
  27. How To Add A Menu IN WordPress
  28. How To Add A Widget In WordPress
  29. How To Integrate Aweber With In WordPress
  30. How To Add An Exit Pop Up In WordPress
  31. How To Cloak Your Links In WordPress
  32. How To Track Your Visitors and Sales In WordPress
  33. How To Split Test Pages
  34. How To Use Permalinks
  35. How To Add An Alert
  36. How To Add An Email Address
  37. How To Add An Email forwarder
  38. How To Add an Autoresponder
  39. How To Align Text
  40. How To Align An Image
  41. How To Buy a Domain

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Video 1: How-To-Install-A-WordPress-Software

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Video 2: How-To-Change-A-Theme-In-WordPress-Website

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Video 3: How-To-Install-A-WordPress-Plugin

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Video 4: How-To-Add-A-Page-In-WordPress-Site

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Video 5: How-To-Create-A-Home-Page-In-WordPress-Website

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Video 6: How-To-Add-A-Post-To-WordPress-Site

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Video 7: How-To-Change-Text-Font-And-Size-In-WordPress-Site

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Video 8: How-To-Add-A-Link-In-WordPress

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Video 9: How-To-Add-A-Video-Wordpress-Site

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Video 10: How-To-Add-An-Image-In-WordPress

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